Spring Alumni Reunion

Spring Alumni Reunion 2025

Saturday, April 26, 2025

Northwestern’s Spring Alumni Reunion is a time for all alumni and friends of the University to return to the Alva campus, renew friendships, make new memories, and celebrate the legacy of being a Ranger.

The day of celebration is held annually on the last Saturday of April.

The day includes recognition of six alumni classes. The honored alumni are celebrating their 70-, 60-, 50-, 25-, 10- and 5-year anniversaries of their graduations. These individuals will be invited to receive their commemorative pin, presented by the president of Northwestern.

Also scheduled is the Special Awards Ceremony, where seniors are recognized for the accomplishments in several categories.

To complete the day, Outstanding Graduates – in the categories of Arts, Business/Professional, Education, Humanitarian, Ranger Recognition and Ranger Spirit – are recognized for their achievements.

This acknowledgement is part of the evening banquet.

Mark your calendars to celebrate being a Ranger.


Deadline for nominations is January 1.

  • The nomination form must be completed in its entirety in order for it to be considered by the Outstanding Graduate Committee. This committee is comprised of Alumni Board members
  • Nominees for Northwestern Oklahoma State University outstanding graduates must be graduates of the university.
  • Nominees must be able to attend the Spring Alumni Reunion Banquet the last Saturday of April.
  • Nominators have the opportunity to nominate in the category they believe best fits their candidate’s qualifications. However, the Outstanding Graduate Committee may select a candidate whose credentials and accomplishments fit within a different category.
  • If there are no nominations made for particular categories or the Outstanding Graduate Committee recognizes there are no qualified candidates for specific categories, then the award will not be given.
  • Outstanding Graduate Nominations
  • Nominees must be graduates who have demonstrated recognizable accomplishment in his/her profession, business, avocation, or life services in a way as to bring pride and honor to the University.


Nominees for each category do not necessarily need to hold degrees in a relevant discipline, as many of our alumni have successfully moved from one career to another.


Nominations remain active for two years.


The following information provides guidelines for nominating graduates in specific categories.  Including supporting information – relevant to these guidelines – about your nominee will be invaluable for the review by the Outstanding Graduate Committee


Further, information that substantiates a nominee’s credentials – including past awards and/or accolades – is important and should be included in the nomination packet.


Arts. Nominees for Outstanding Graduate in the Arts category should be recognized as having significantly contributed in one of the following areas:


·         Performing arts


·         Visual arts


·         Literary arts


Business/Professional. Nominees for Outstanding Graduate in the Business/Professional category should be recognized as having made a distinctive mark in their business and/or standing as a professional.


Education. Nominees for Outstanding Graduate in the Education category should be recognized for their excellence in and/or out of the classroom, as well as those contributing to research in the educational field.  Nominees may have experience in one or a combination of three of the following areas:


·       Public schools, K-12


·       Private schools, K-12


·       Schools of higher education, public and private


·       Vocational and technology schools


Humanitarian. Nominees for Outstanding Graduate in the Humanitarian category should be acknowledged for their work to improve the welfare and safety of others while maintaining and protecting human dignity. Their accomplishments can be recognized on a local, state, national or global level.


Ranger Spirit. Nominees for the Outstanding Ranger Recognition category should be recognized for their exceptional support of the university and the embodiment of Ranger spirit. This is the former Ranger Recognition Award.


Recognition. Nominees for the Outstanding Recognition category will be honored for their significant achievements within ten years of his/her graduation.

Nominate an Outstanding Graduate

Success! Your submission has been received!

Thank you for nominating a candidate for Oustanding Graduate if you require further assistance, please call 580-327-8593.


Mickey Jordan, Art

Jeff Allen, Business/Professional

Kenneth Hamilton, Education

Dana Jo Stanton, Humanitarian

Sara Acosta, Ranger Recognition

Myra Davison, Ranger Spirit


Jimmy Richey, Art

Nicole Steuart, Business/Professional

Donnie Rader, Education

Kevin Evans, Humanitarian

Dr. Madison Campbell, Ranger Recognition



Alexandria Carmon, Art

Rich Cantillon, Business/Professional

Tommi Earnhart Leach, Education

Patricia Mitchell, Humanitarian

Clay Reed, Ranger Recognition

Greg Bowman, Ranger Spirit


Dixie Friend Gay, Art

Darrell Nay, Business/Professional

Kristi Goff, Education

Tom and Margaret Melander, Humanitarian

Felipe Eichenberger, Ranger Recognition


Tim Rundel, Art

Doyle E. Hill, Business/Professional

Michael E. Mitchel, Education

Cynthia Rock, Humanitarian

Natalie Evans, Ranger Recognition

Judy Wolgamott, Ranger Spirit


David Elder, Art

Doug Van Meter, Business/Professional

Julie Zollinger, Education

James Erskine, Humanitarian

Phyllis Brunsteter, Ranger Spirit


Edana Caldwell, Art

Gary Sacket, Business/Professional

Tom Fisher, Education

Dr. Reid Holland, Humanitarian

Linda Tutwiler, Ranger Spirit


Joshua Holland, Art

Connie Sturgeon-Hart, Business/Professional

Dr. William Pride, Education

F. Browning Pipestem, Humanitarian

Thelma Crouch, Ranger Spirit


Marvin Wiebener, Art

Chad Moore, Business/Professional

James "Jim" Rodgers, Education

Linda Ybarra-Kotich, Humanitarian

J. Stewart Arthurs, Ranger Recognition


Joe Shirley, Business/Professional

Karen Sue Liese Myers, Humanitarian

Adam M. Steuart, Art

Diane Kasparek-Spicer, Education


Maj. Gen. Vaughn A. Ary, Business/Professional

Mike McGinley, Humanitarian

Larry Case, Art

Lee Haley, Education

Christopher Feeney, Recognition


Charles L. Stuckey, Business/Professional

Keith Edward Ballard, Ed.D., Education

Barbara Kay Duncan, Humanitarian

Manny Gamallo, Art

Allison Woods, Recognition

Angelia Case, Ranger Recognition

Valarie Case, Ranger Recognition


Rodney R. Dunkin, Education

Jane (Hobbs) McDermott, Business/Professional

Jack E. Kippenberger, Humanitarian

Nicolle (Rubenstein) Campbell, Arts

Grant Bowen, Recognition


Scott W. Plunkett, Education

Kent A. Wilson, O.D., Business/Professional

Darin L. Headrick, Humanitarian


Willie Spears Jr., Education

Andrew Fosmire, Business/Professional

Robert Wharton, Humanitarian

Patrick Crayton, Recognition


Sheldon Russell, Humanitarian

Jim Seeger-Newby, Education

Michael Rauh, Business/Professional

Camee Smith, Recognition


Jack Lancaster, Business/Professional

Dr. Gary Wolgamott, Education

Trudy Wheeler, Humanitarian

Eliot Smith, Recognition


Duane Pierson, Business/Professional

Larry Sanchez, Education

Janet Cordell, Humanitarian

Bobbi Ramirez, Recognition


Lynn Scott, Recognition

Robert Reeg, Business/Professional

Bill Pitts, Humanitarian


Karen Bishop-Koehn, Education

Jennifer Flaherty-Berends, Recognition

Albert Pearson, Ranger Recognition

Terry Ingmire, Business/Professional

John L. Barton, Humanitarian


Michael McNeeley, Business/Professional

Myrna Carney, Education

Billie Short, Humanitarian

Dustin Dersch, Recognition


Donald Coppock, Business/Professional

Dr. Milt Lehr, Education

Scott Ware, Humanitarian


Joe L. Heaton, Business/Professional

Kyle Roberts Dahlem, Education

Mary Williams Nichols, Humanitarian

Barbara Struckle, Ranger Recognition


Robert Reusser, Business/Professional

Dr. Dan Shorter, Education

Fred Neuman, Humanitarian

Jane Johnson, Recognition

Dr. Billy Dale Dotter, Ranger Recognition


Centennial Honorees

Maud Drake-Bingham

Edna Donley

Lori Hansen Lane

Mike Hargrove

Dr. John Marvel

M. L. Sharp

Andy Clark

Aurice Huguley

Chirold Epp

Phil Noah


Dr. James Claflin, Business/Professional

Dr. Stephen Painton, Education

Mark Norman, Humanitarian

Julane Hart Taylor, Recognition


A. J. Kotich, Business/Professional

Mary Jane Bassett, Education

Mildred Reusser, Humanitarian

Kay Farrell, Recognition


Adair Brown, Business/Professional

Dr. John Allen Rider, Education

Ben Buckland, Humanitarian


Dr. Peggy Wisdom, Business/Professional

Glen Piper, Education;

Rev. Darrel Hardy, Humanitarian

Dr. L.W. Patzkowsky, Ranger Recognition


Richard G. Dotter, M.D., Business/Professional

Francisco Ybarra, Ph. D., Education

Larry Fields, Humanitarian


Ira Painton, Business/Professional

Dr. Larry Claflin, Education

Karen Spicer, Humanitarian


Dr. William H. Simon, Business/Professional

Elizabeth Johnson Zadorozny, Education


Dr. Brock E. Schnebel, Business/Professional

James H. Hood, Education

Mark Sisco, Recognition

Bob Reneau, Ranger Recognition


David A. Shafer, Business/Professional

Billy Sacket, Education

Ed Calhoon, M.D., Humanitarian

Brenda Sheik, Recognition


P. D. Casper, M.D., Business/Professional

Dr. Larry W. Nutter, Education

Irving L. Smith, Humanitarian


Melvin Kloefkorn, Business/Professional

J. N. Voorhees, Education

M. L. Sharp, Humanitarian

Paul Kinzie, Recognition


Tom J. McDaniel, Business/Professional

Jack T. Strahorn, Education

Vesta M. Rundle, Humanitarian

Mary Jo Servis, Recognition


Dr. Chirold Epp, Business/Professional

J. Edward Bennett, Education

S. Floyd Sibley, Humanitarian

Bob Merritt, Recognition


Dr. A. Merrill Schnitzer, Business/Professional

Darrel Ray, Education

Mary Nell Legg, Humanitarian

Tom Newby, Recognition


James D. Foliart, Business/Professional

Dr. Marvin C. Leist, Education

MeRita Hoy, Humanitarian


Manuel O. Parra-Parada, Business

Dr. E. Leon Hibbs, Education

Lt. Col. (Dr.) Larry Hendricks, Humanitarian


Dr. Dennis Weigand, Business

Dr. James H. Stringer, Education

Dr. Rosa Rodrigues-Reeves, Humanitarian


Aurice Huguley, Business

William D. Overstreet, Education

Durward Brown, Humanitarian


Dale Frieden, Business

Dr. Glenn A. Welsch, Education

Dr. John W. V. Smith, Humanitarian


Jack M. Annis, Business

Wilda Walker, Education

Dixie Molz, Humanitarian


Brandon Frost, Business

Scott Tuxhorn, Education

William J. Mellor, Humanitarian


No awards given this year.


Floyd Harrington

Dale Cullip

Dr. Larry Paul Martin

Dr. H. Leland Steffen


Phil B. Noah

Dr. John Marvel

Dr. Wilton Anderson


Edna Donley

Robert Innis

Check back in March 2025 for schedule of events

If you cannot attend the pinning ceremony, during the Spring Alumni Reunion, but would like a pin sent to you, you can order one here. The cost is $15, and includes postage and handling.

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We look forward to you joining us for the Spring Alumni Reunion Banquet and Program on Saturday, April 26, 2025. The event begins at 6:00 p.m. in Percefull Fieldhouse. Online registration has not yet opened. Please call (580) 327-8593 for further assistance.

Food menu will be displayed March 2025 

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