Make an Investment

When you, as a donor, make a gift to Northwestern through the Northwestern Foundation Alumni Association, you choose the area that will benefit from your generosity. Your investment will be used to enhance the academic or athletic program of your choice. If you make no selection, your investment will be added to the RISE (Rangers Investing in Scholarships and Education) endowment. This endowment is used to assist all students according to academic standing and greatest financial need.

The Northwestern Foundation Alumni Association promptly sends receipts acknowledging every gift. Most gifts are entirely deductible as charitable contributions. Exceptions are gifts for which donors receive goods or services; these gifts are partially deductible. The calculation of the maximum tax deduction allowed by the Internal Revenue Service policies will be stated on your receipt. The IRS accepts your receipts from the Northwestern Foundation Alumni Association as documentation of deductibility.

One-hundred percent of your investment benefits students and our University. While many university foundations cover organizational operating costs by charging fees on gifts, we cover our operating expenses by using a portion of the return on our investments.

Every gift makes a difference. Support a student today.