Preston Paschall, '24

Preston Paschall, Sports Science

By Caitlin Hofen

"As a first generation college student, Northwestern made me feel at home." said Preston Paschall, a sophomore health and sports science major.

A Burlington, Okla. native, Paschall chose to attend Northwestern for a variety of reasons.

"I was originally going to go somewhere to either play basketball or run track," Paschall said. "However, I decided to come to Northwestern because it was affordable, I knew I'd get a good education and I knew many people who were going to attend. It felt like home when I visited and it isn't far from home."

Paschall plans to attend physical therapy school after graduating from Northwestern.

"I work at a physical therapy clinic," Paschall said. "I'm using the experience I gain there to push myself toward graduate school and pursue physical therapy. I hope to come back to Alva and start my own clinic after obtaining my therapy license."

On campus, Paschall is active in many clubs and organizations. He attends the Baptist College Ministry (BCM) regularly and volunteers for the First Baptist Church of Alva. As a Northwestern Scholar Ambassador, Paschall is heavily involved in community events and campus involvement.

"I also work in the recruiting office," Paschall said. "I give campus tours to incoming freshmen, high school students and the occasional fourth grade class.

“Being active on campus has helped me put my name out there for other students to reach out and talk to me about anything. It has made me mere mature as a person. I want people to know I tried my best and made the most of my college experience.

Navigating the difficulties of paying for college challenged Paschall when he started his first year.

"Having to do everything with scholarships, FASFA and financial aid was hard," Paschall said. "No one in my family had ever dealt with it before. It was something I had to learn about because my parents didn't know either.

"The connections I made my first year really set me up to be successful in the financial area. Calleb Mosburg (Dean of Student Affairs) and Ethan Sacket (Student Success Coordinator) were there to answer any questions I had and helped walk me through what I needed to do to pay for college.

Paschall's motivation for continuing his education stems from a financial freedom he strives to have.

"I grew up watching my parents work all the time without a college education, and they didn't get to live the lifestyle I do," Paschall said. "I want to enjoy the four years I have at college while getting things taken care of. While my parents are successful in what they do, I'd like to be more so and have more financial freedom. I want to give back to my community and volunteer my time in ways my parents aren't able to."

The relationships Paschall has made at Northwestern has shaped him in many ways.

"I have many friends through the BCM who hold me accountable for my actions," Paschall said. "They have not only helped me strengthen my relationship with Christ, but also encourages me to serve on campus and in the community. I know these friendships will last a long time.

"I have many people I look up to at Northwestern and I see what role they have on campus. It makes me want to be a better person in both my personal and professional life.”


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