Paige Robinette '23

Paige Robinette, Chemistry

By Caitlin Hofen

“The small-town atmosphere of Alva and Northwestern’s science department offering more one-on-one opportunities really helped me decide where I wanted to go to college,” said Page Robinette, a native of Waukomis, Okla.
Robinette, a senior chemistry major, said she knew Northwestern was right for her when she attended Camp Ranger, the freshmen introductory camp that allows students to become acquainted with Northwestern and Alva before their first semester.
“I met some of my best friends to this day at Camp Ranger,” Robinette said. “Even though many of them have left or transferred, I still talk to them every day.”
Robinette stays active on campus in a variety of clubs and organizations, including Northwestern Scholar Ambassadors and Leadership Northwestern. She also serves as treasurer of the Chemistry Club, secretary of the Medical Sciences Club and co-captain of the Northwestern Cheer Team.
“Even though I hold offices within the clubs I’m a part of, public speaking is not my strong suit,” Robinette said. “That has been a big obstacle I’ve had to overcome. I’ve had to learn how to relax when I’m in front of a large group of people. It is something I’m still not very comfortable with.”
As a chemistry major, Robinette has plans to continue her education and obtain a Doctorate in Pharmaceuticals after graduating in May 2023. Her ultimate goal is to open her own research facility to study chemotherapy drugs. She chose her area of study to honor her grandfather, who was diagnosed with Chordoma cancer, a rare malignant tumor along the spine.
“I want to work in a hospital setting and gain hands-on experience developing chemotherapy drugs,” Robinette said. “I want to do something that matters. Everybody at Northwestern has a purpose, usually involved with students and teaching. While I don’t necessarily plan to go into teaching, people always need help. I want to be the one to help them.” 
Robinette’s father, Justin, graduated from Northwestern in 1997. As a second-generation Ranger, Robinette said some of her favorite times as a student involved cheer.
“My favorite memories are cheering at games against SWOSU,” Robinette said. “The atmosphere always gets your blood pumping. I love seeing the support we have.”


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