Nick Dill, '22

Nick Dill, Mass Communications

By Caitlin Hofen

“The professors know you on a first-name basis. The faculty and staff will do anything to help get you to your goal. Whether you’ve had them for a class or not, their best interest is to help you succeed.”
From the football field to the student newsroom, junior Nick Dill bleeds red and black. A well-known face around campus, Dill is active in many student organizations, from Student Government Association to the Northwestern News. On top of his clubs and organizations, Dill also holds a position as a kicker for the Northwestern Rangers football team, which he represents on the Student Athlete Advisory Council.
 “I’m really passionate about being involved on campus,” said Dill. “I didn’t get involved in activities in high school, but I’ve become adamant about attending school events and volunteering to serve at them as well.”
A native of The Colony, Texas, Dill came to Northwestern undecided in his major. He soon found the area that combined two of his loves: sports and communicating with others.
 “I chose mass communications because I love talking to people and I’m a fair writer, too. I felt that those are two of my pretty good traits. Mass communications is what I’d be most interested in. I’m also passionate about sports. After graduation I would like to work in sports communications.”
 As a student in the Mass Communications Department, Dill has received hands-on experience in writing and editing newspapers with Northwestern News, the weekly newspaper produced by the students. He is also gaining experience in news casting with NWTV7, the student-managed TV station.
 “The best part about mass communications is there is so much variety in it. I can learn writing skills, verbal communication skills, strategic skills, etc. There are so many possibilities in mass communications that I can go almost any direction I want to.” 
The connections built at Northwestern impact students’ lives, and Dill finds no exception to this. He credits his success to many faculty and students on campus.
 “Andrea Lauderdale, my Ranger Connection teacher, helped steer me toward mass communications. She is like my mentor. I know if I need anything, I can go to her. She helped me get a position in the Recruitment Office on campus, where I’ve made many connections.
 “The relationships I’ve built with my coaches and teammates on the football team are invaluable. With Student Government Association, I’ve been able to create relationships with non-student athletes. This is something I’ve been encouraging student athletes to do…become involved with more non-athletic clubs and organizations.
 “Family is a big thing for me. My parents have provided for me to excel and my motivation is to make them proud. They want to see me be successful so it motivates me to do it for them.”
 With two years of college under his belt, Dill knows that he has made the right decision to attend Northwestern. Its small, close-knit culture helps him learn. He realizes the involvement in more organizations and activities provides him with many opportunities, further solidifying he made the right choice.
 “The professors know you on a first-name basis. I also love how supportive everyone is here. The faculty and staff will do anything to help get you to your goal. Whether you’ve had them for a class or not, their best interest is to help you succeed.”
Whether it’s serving at Aloha Week or campaigning new members for Spanish Club, Dill shows his heart through his dedication to his campus and his university. With a bright future and a love for people, there is no limit to what he can accomplish as a proud Northwestern Ranger.  


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