Mark Zadorozny, '08

Mark Zadorozny, Health and Sports Science

By Caitlin Hofen

“I came back to Northwestern for many reasons,” Mark Zadorozny, ’08, said. “I think it’s a great place to work and I have many connections in this area. Knowing the University’s atmosphere, I knew I’d be in good hands.”
Zadorozny holds a Bachelor of Science degree in health and sports science education and a Master of Education degree in educational leadership, both from Northwestern. He is also the newest face of the health and sports science education faculty.
His experience includes middle school science teacher/coach at Woodward (Okla.) Public Schools; middle school science teacher at Yukon (Okla.) Middle School; and technical applications instructor at High Plains Technology Center in Woodward.
Zadorozny has coached softball, basketball, football and baseball. He is also currently an announcer at Northwestern for volleyball, basketball and baseball.
A native of Woodward, Okla., Zadorozny graduated from Cedarville, Kan., after moving there his freshman year of high school.
Both of Zadorozny’s parents graduated from Northwestern, which helped to make his decision to return and teach future educators an easier choice.
“I grew up coming to Ranger football and basketball games. Ranger Red runs pretty deep in my family and having the opportunity to give back definitely helps.
“My grandmother, mother and sister are all teachers, so it felt right to go into that profession. I’ve always been around sports and education. I grew up playing sports and wanting to coach, but I hadn’t ever thought about teaching in higher education. In the last few years, I realized that I wanted to go back and help future teachers.”
Zadorozny is a very big family man. “I’m very close with my older brother and sister. They have families of their own and I love to see my nieces and nephew.”
While the opportunity to attend more Ranger games is a plus, Zadorozny is most excited about getting to know the students.
“Even after I graduated, I would come back for games and such; this way, however, I really get to know the students and make connections with them. I’ll get to guide them into becoming future coaches and educators. I take that as a challenge I’m willing to accept.”
A huge Ranger supporter, Zadorozny is excited to give back to his alma mater and carry on the tradition of offering a quality Northwestern education.  He believes alumni play a big role in the success of the University.
“I encourage alumni to start investing in the university. A little bit goes a long way and Northwestern wouldn’t be what it is without the great support it receives. With the help of scholarships and other support, we attract even more students who we can turn into great teachers, doctors and professionals.”


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