Jeffrey Hamilton, '15

RANGER RECONNECT: Jeffrey Hamilton, ’15
By Jana Garvie Lindley
Northwestern graduate Jeffrey Hamilton of Kopperl, Texas, obtained a mass communication degree in 2015.
He chose Northwestern due to its affordable four-year degree program and another Ranger's recommendation.
“Coming from a small school in Texas, I was relieved to see the small class sizes. The one-on-one learning opportunities at Northwestern are extremely valuable.”
While in college he was involved in the Oklahoma Broadcast Association and was the Northwestern News advertising manager.
”I really enjoyed working in the NWTV 7 production room. Almost every day inside that room was a blast, and everyone had a great time doing the broadcasts.
“Professor Matt Adair’s courses were generally the favorite for me. He taught everyone a lot more than just course material. Real-life issues and critical thinking were always great topics, mixed with witty, relatable banter with the students.
“His communication style always resonated well with the students. He was a professor who knew how to capture attention and create a fun environment for students to learn. As a result, the students in his class always seemed to have a certain camaraderie, and attending class was enjoyable.”
“Professor Tamara Brown’s course was structured around interview preparation and resume building. It equipped me with the best hands-on knowledge to be able to present myself to future employers in a professional manner. Her guidance in this course was one of the most important things I received from Northwestern. Utilizing the skills I developed in that course, I secured a professional job in my home state of Texas before graduating. I credit much of my career success to Mrs. Brown.”
At Northwestern, Hamilton appreciated being taught to think for himself.
“Today, college is looked at as a place of indoctrination instead of a place of education. While at Northwestern, no professor ever pushed any ideologies on me or my peers. It is refreshing to know that campuses still teach students how to think instead of just what to think.”
Hamilton is a marketing creative director for Sellmark Corporation and formerly worked as a graphic designer. He enjoys hunting, fishing, bow fishing, shooting sports and taxidermy. He is married to Hannah Barth Hamilton, ’15, and they have two children, Brody, age five and Josie, age two.
In 2023, the couple traveled to Limpopo, South Africa, for a successful big-game hunt and to Grand Mesa National Forest in Colorado on a family trip.


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