Brooke Tucker Albin,’01

RANGER RECONNECT: Brooke Tucker Albin,’01
By Jana Garvie Lindley
2001 Northwestern graduate Brooke Tucker Albin of Athens, Ohio, obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Education and a Master of Education in K-12 Guidance and Counseling in 2002. She is the owner of The Green Door, a faith-based home décor and gift boutique, was a school counselor for ten years and a college academic advisor for five years.
She is married to Tim Albin, ’89, who is the head football coach at Ohio University. The couple are parents to Tori Albin Kish and Treyce. A black lab mix, Macey, completes the family and prompted their passion for helping shelter dogs.
The couple received the Bold Award from Turn It Gold this fall for their partnership that encourages athletic activism to raise awareness and educate on the current landscape of Childhood Cancer. It is a mission of the Albins to remember and honor those who have been affected by childhood cancer.
Albin was also involved in a community service project at a local elementary school, where she was a school counselor, called the “Eagle Pack Program.”
”Food insecurity is a serious issue in Southeast Ohio, and this program provides healthy meals and snacks for students on days/weekends when they do not have access to school lunches,” Albin said. “The small group of counselors who packed and distributed these backpacks were honored with a community service award for their work.”
Enjoying time with family and a sweet dog, working out, fishing, serving as greeters at Christ Community Wesleyan Church, traveling and cheering on the Ohio Bobcats and the Cincinnati Bengals (where their neighbor, Joe Burrow, is the star quarterback) are activities that Albin enjoys.
She also started a community service group, Bobcats Building Community, with their group of football wives.
“They help with various community-building projects to give back to the community that supports our families and our team,” said Albin. “We hope to grow this group and service each season.”
The Albins instigated a project to support their local dog shelter called “Cats Feeding Dogs.” (The Ohio University mascot is the Bobcats). At one home game each season, they cover the cost of admission for fans who donate dog food at the gate. They deliver these donations to the Athens County dog shelter.
Her Northwestern years bring memories of a guidance/counseling strategies course taught by Cindy Baker, who shared real-life situations from her experience as a long-time school counselor. This class was life-changing for Albin and gave her the tools needed for situations she would face in school.
Albin still remembers many of her strategies and tips and shared, “You can take all the theory classes on campus, but real-life experiences are some of the greatest teaching tools.”
Dr. Yvonne Carmichael made an impact on Albin’s time at Northwestern. Albin was a student worker in her office for a couple of years.
“Dr. Carmichael demonstrated what a strong leader looked like, but she also showed love and empathy for all,” Albin said. “She is the perfect balance of power and grace. Dr. C has an unmatched passion for Northwestern, and her impact there will last forever.”
“Walking across the stage to receive my master’s degree was a monumental moment,” said Albin. “I was a single mother who had to balance home, work, and school to reach this dream.
I remember a time when I wanted to put school on hold, but my uncle (John Allen) took me for a ride out on the farm and gave me the pep talk I needed to persevere and reach my goals. He may never understand the impact that conversation had. At that time, he was not associated with Northwestern, but I am proud that he moved back to the area and is serving our alma mater. He is a true asset to Northwestern as Director of Alumni Relations.”
Albin has many great memories from her time at Northwestern, including meeting her husband, Tim, and developing long-lasting friendships.
“Northwestern is a special place for many reasons,” said Albin. “For me, it provided a solid foundation for life, from the high-quality education I received to the lifelong connections I made with people across the campus. I love Northwestern because our campus still exemplifies values, pride, and class to this day.”




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