University Mall Project

Each day, students, faculty and community members move across the center of campus through the mall area, stretching from Jesse Dunn on the east to the Struckle Education Center on the west. The recently renovated Ryerson Hall, Student Center, J.W. Martin Library and the Science building line the series of pathways that is the heart of the campus.

Time has taken its toll on the area. The fountain, once a centerpiece of campus, was non-operational and had to be removed. Sidewalks, many built through depression-era work projects, are deteriorating.

Work has started with the replacement of steps and sidewalks on the west side of the Student Center. The entrance from the parking lot surrounding Herod Hall is taking on a new, open look that will welcome the Northwestern community. But there is more to be done to transform the center of campus into a premier gathering place for students and friends.

When completed, the new mall will include outdoor seating areas for students, a new fountain and green spaces. Walkways of red pavers and accent stones will pay tribute to the original exteriors of the main campus buildings. A limited number of pavers – engraved with the name of donors – may be purchased for $300. Call (580) 327-8593 for more information.

The new mall area will be one of the first visual impressions for potential students visiting campus. It will provide generations of Rangers with an unforgettable retreat that will instill campus pride each and every day.

To keep you updated on the progress of the University Mall project, a web cam – Ranger Cam – is available. Ranger Cam can be accessed on the home page at